About the Czech Republic

Czech Coat of Arms

The Czech Republic is a land locked country in thevery centre of Europe. To the north and west is Germany, the north and east Poland, to the south Austria and the southeast is Slovakia. The Czech Republic is skirted by mountains, which have a height of upto 1000 meters above sea level, on it borders and has lowlands in the centre, with a ground height of around 300 meters above sea level. Many of the major rivers in Europe are fed from the Czech Republic. For instance the Labe (Elbe) starts in the northeast of the country in the Krkonose Mountains, where it is fed from hundreds of small stream to flow down through the country into Germany and on to the sea at Hamburg. There is the Sazava, which starts life in east of the country in Eastern Bohemia and Moravia to flow west in to the Vltava just south of Prague. The Vltava is probably the most famous of all rivers in the Czech Republic. The Vltava starts life in the south of the Czech Republic and in Germany, from its two scorces. The Vltava in Southern Bohemia is very popular with Czech Fishermen in the area and attracts many fishermen from Austria. In the west of the country we have the Otava, which flows into the Vltava near Pisek. The Ohre (Eiger), which starts life in Germany and crosses the border at Cheb to flow north west to meet the Labe at Litomerice. And we also have the Berounka; this river starts life at four rivers, the Uslava, Uhlava, Mze and the Radbuza, in the west of the country in the Sumova Park and in the Bohemian Forest (Bohmer Wald) and converge in the city of Plzen (Pilsen). All these rivers are fed by many hundreds of smaller rivers and streams which are themselves idyllic for fishing for Trout and Grayling. As well as the rivers of the Czech Republic there are many lakes, ponds and reserviors to be found.