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Rolava River
15th June 2008

Sidney HermanSidney HermanSidney Herman

Sidney "Skip" Herman, Chicago, USA
Back to the usual more elegant Game fishing and today's visitor to bathe in the relaxing charm of the Czech rivers is Sidney "Skip" Herman taking a day out from a family European vacation; not sure why but National Lampoons and Chevy Chase just sprung to mind when writing the last few words... Having departed from home at an unearthly 2 o'clock in the morning, I picked up Skip from his hotel and drove back in the direction I had just came towards the Rolava River near Karlovy Vary. Having arrived at the river at shortly after 6am we quickly got changed, kitted up and descended down the gully into the river bed. The first section of the river downstream from where we parked the car had a gradual downhill slope so the pools were not the deepest and as such the fish here were smaller than usual. Skip was fishing a medium size beaded nymph tied on a size 12 hook which due to the flow and depth of the river could have been a bit lighter but alas we didn't have any medium sized nymphs and the smaller size 16 patterns were just too light. A few hundred yards (and hours) later and we were further upstream where the river climbed up through a steeper gradient and the pools got bigger and deeper. It was in these pools that the fishing started to take off with the bigger fish being found. The killer fly of the day was a Copper John type beaded nymph with legs which the fish just couldn't let swim by. Next thing we know it was 12 o'clock and time to get Skip back to Prague his Wife and Daughter to enjoy the rest of their European Vacation....