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River Vltava
24th - 30th September 2006

Michael Straubing, Berlin, Germany - South Bohemia Fishing Trip
Many differnt characters of the river.
- Upper Moldau between Volary and Lenora, small river, nice, good for wading, got only whitefish with dryfly, tried Streamer and Nymph, but no Trout.
- Moldau between Loucovice and Vyssi Brod, Mountain river with big rocks and a lot of pools, a lot of Brown Trout differnt sizes with nymph.
- Moldau at Rozmberk, a lot of fish, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Perch, difficult to wade, a lot of rocks and deep water sometimes, you can not see, because the water was brown, water visability aprox. 60cm. Fishing with streamer or Chech nymph method 2 nymphs.
Best time for fishing, when the Czech's have no holydays or weekend, then there are a lot of fishermen and boats in and on the river.
It was a nice trip.

Skalka Reservoir - Ohre River
30th September 2006

A Family Fishing Trip
Today was a family fishing trip and a chance to relax and forget about life for a while and give my little one, the fishing trip I promised him; he is two years old by the way (not pictured above). The afternoon was spent tiddler bashing with poles along the shore of the Skalka Reservoir near Cheb. The catch after 2 hours was a small bag of Dace, Roach and a few Chrup (Asp) or Silver Salmon (Aspius Aspius), a predatory member of the Carp family, (pictured above).

Tepla River
22nd September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
The second location for the day was back to the Tepla River in Karlovy Vary to try and bag the one that got away... As first the river was dead as the sun still hadn't got round far enough to warm the section of the river we were fishing... Then around 4:30pm the first rise happened with a very large splash. Being the first into the water I was first to land the first fish, and the second, then Nick final got the one that got away two days before hand. His rod bent right over and 5 minutes later he landed a very nice 15 inch Rainbow Trout.

Rolava River
22nd September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
The first location of the day was the Rolava River at Nove Role. I had fished the river a few years before but didn't think it was up to much. Today however I had to rethink my appraisal of the river and give it a wapping great th
umbs up... The river is around 6 to 8 feet wide and for the most part about 18 inches deep. There are deeper parts as I found out when I stepped over a rock and disappeared up to my waist... Within 3 casts of getting on to the river I had caught my first Brown Trout. Nick moved further up stream and was also getting straight into the action. The sun was blazing and after about 1 hour in the river we both changed to the dry fly which proved very successful. Only 2 hours on the river and we had caught around 50 fish between the both of us...
An excellent start to the day...

Svatava River
21st September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, Dylan Haas & Tuan Nguyen, Seattle, Washington, USA
Day 2 of Dylan's and Tuan's fishing trip was o
n the Svatava River which was not performing as it usually does. The water was a strange purple colour and locals suggested it could be a spill from one of the factories up river. The weather was glorious and wind was to a minimum so the fishing that was, was at least enjoyable. The total catch for the day was around 30 fish, Grayling, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and one suspect Brook Trout or a hybrid...

Tepla River
20th September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, Dylan Haas & Tuan Nguyen, Seattle, Washington, USA
After a days rest it was off to the Tepla River in Karlovy Vary. Today Nick and I were also joined by Dylan Haas and Tuan Nguyen from
Seattle in the US. The day started off brilliantly clear but soon clouded over but this burnt off around 11am. Fishing we used everything in the arsenal, dries, nymphs, muddlers and bugs, and what a day it was. Nobody blanked and everybody caught a good size fish. I caught my largest River Rainbow, Tuan landed a 9 inch Brown Trout, Dylan landed a 13 inch Rainbow and Nick also landed a 13 inch Rainbow. The biggest fish of the day was the "one that got away" from Nick, and unbeknown to him left his hook straight, which would explain why he couldn't catch any fish for the last 45 minutes of the days fishing.

Otava River
18th September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Today's fishing was on the Gin clear Otava River in the southern part of West Bohemia in the Sumava Nature reserve. The river was perfe
ct, the weather just right and the water cold. Everything was as it should be. The fishing however was challenging. Casting had to be spot on and the fish were picky, very picky. We spotted 4 very nice Brown Trout under a bridge each measuring between 9 and 14 inches in length, but they just wouldn't take the fly/nymph. All being said we were not skunked, having caught about 5 Grayling and 6 Brown Trout.

Vltava River & Tepla Vltava
17th September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
After an overnight stay in Ceske Budejovice, todays fishing started on the Vltava River between Cesky Krumlov and Rozmburk. Th
e water was for the most part wadable but the current was extremely strong once it got over knee deep and made the going quite hard. To complicate things just a bit the wind was very gusty which was not helping with our casting. We tried nymphs, dries, daddies and streamers. The only flies that worked as a yellow streamer taking the Perch above as well as the hopper which caught around 15 Chub, not the fish we were hoping for but fish all the same... After lunch we made our way up river, above the Lipno Reservoir to the upper reaches of the Vltava river, the Tepla Vltava not far from Dobra and Lenora, once again the only fly to catch fish was the dry daddy, but once again only Chub. We didn't see any Trout in the water until we got up to the private section of the Tepla Vltava near Kvidla, up on top of the Sumava National Park. Hopefully tomorrow on the Otava will be more rewarding... Fingers crossed...

Horska Kamenice & Jizera Rivers
16th September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Today saw us fishing on the Jizera River at Ze
lezny Brod and the Lower Horska Kamenice, both private rivers run and owned by the Zelezny Brod Fishing Union, a sub division of the North Bohemia Fishing Union. We fished the Jizera at the confluence with the Horska Kamenice, working our way up stream up the Kamenice. The Kamenice was flowing very fast through the narrow sections but once it opened up it was a very pleasant river to fish. All the fish today were caught on dry flies, Nick was using Green Dun and I was using a green parachute emerger. Nick proved to be the master fisherman of the day catching the large Rainbow Trout above and a very nice Brown Trout that measured around 12 inches, together with the smaller Grayling, Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Jizera River
15th September 2006

Nick Van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Over from the US on a whopping 12 day discovery tour is Nick Van Horn, a future reseller from Posh Journeys in Reno in the USA. The plan was to start fishing on the 14th but his flights were delays and didn't arrive in time. So the firsts day's fishing was on the Jizera river in East Bohemia at Haje nad Jizerou. The weather was quite blustery, caused by thermal winds which created some severe wind knots from time to time and also the river here is a much lesser version of that down stream and is fairly small in comparison. Saying that the current is quite strong and there are some very deep holes around. Also we noticed that there was not much of a hatch coming off the water and no real bug life to be seen. The total catch of the day was around 15 to 20 fish, all Brown Trout and Grayling, ranging from 4 to 9 inches. Lets see what tomorrow brings...

Jizera River
13th September 2006

James Coutre, Boston, MA, USA
The Jizera River at Mala Skala was perfect...
The water gin clear and flowing just right. The water depth ranged from ankle to chest deep and was cold... The Trout were in the medium to deep water and the illusive Grayling were in the shallow and medium depth water. We were fishing the parachute dry with a small dropper around 2 to 3 feet under the parachute. The catch for the day was 1 very little Brown Trout, 4 small Grayling and 6 very nice Rainbow Trout all around 12 to 14 inches long. An excellent day on the water.

Dyje River
2nd & 3rd September 2006

Shawn Prochazka, USAF Germany
The Dyje River near Vranov was a good sized river. The wading was fairly challenging due to medium to large rocks, deeps sections and holes, and decent current. The water from the town to the dam is slow moving, deep, and off-color. The water clears and picks up more character and speed towards the end of town. Though the 2 or 3km of river below town looks prime for big fish, I wasn't able to hook any. I caught about 10 brown trout ranging from 5-9 inches. I caught no rainbows or grayling.
The Dyje River near Hardegg was perfectly suited for fly-fishing. The river was smaller, easily wadable, and had a good number of holes, runs, and riffles for fish to hold. I really enjoyed fishing this stretch of river. The potential for very large fish is less here, but I'm sure there were a few lurking in some of the deeper pools. I caught about 20 brown trout ranging again from 5-9 inches. I caught no other kinds of fish. Be advised access to this stretch of the river from the Czech side is by a 5km or so walk. Access on the Austrian side is much easier, but quite a drive from Vranov. We loved Southern Moravia. The town of Vranov was pretty and we really liked the imposing castle on the cliff. The Pension was very comfortable and one of the most peaceful places we've stayed in Europe. A highlight of our trip was sitting in lawn chairs in the evening on the large manicured lawn right next to the river. It was beautiful.

Upper Tepla
28th August 2006

After the recent sweltering weather and only having time to go tiddler bashing with my 2 year old son Sam, his introduction to fishing, it was time to cart my busy backside into the water for some well earned R&R fishing. The weather was changeable with the temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Things started out very well with lots of small Grayling taking the dry parachute emerger I was using (nothing on the nymph). Then I noticed something swimming around my feet which I thought rather erratic in movement... On closer inspection I saw it was a Crayfish, not something you see every day but an excellent indication of the purity and cleanliness of the water. After about 2 hours fishing the heavens opened up and the fishing died off; however true to the cause I fished on catching more small Grayling. Strange but not a sniff of a Trout... Oh well next year as this river closes in a few days...

Orlik Reservoir
16th July 2006

Yesterday and today where the two fishing days of a much needed break. Off we went for a relaxing long weekend in South Bohemia around the Orlik Reservoir, visiting the castles of Zvikov and Orlik, taking boat trips and visit the odd town. The days I spent fishing were the evening of the 15th and the morning of the 16th of July. The 15th was a dead duck day and we got well and truly skunked; which was very surprising as the water was going mad with fish rising for food and the splashes of predators attacking their prey. The morning of the 16th was a bit better. Up at 5am and on the water a few minutes later we were cruising along in our boat with electric engine up the reservoir on the section formed by the Otava River. Having found a suitable spot it was time to put the rods in the water and start fishing. It was around 3 hours before the first fish bit. A nice size Perch. There should have been more considering the amount of fish rising ; we could clearly see the heads of the Catfish as they were attacking the Carp from underneath and coming out of the water taking the Carp in one huge gulp.

Svatava River
8th July 2006

Day two of John and Meribeth's Czech Fishing trip was on the Svatava River. This was chosen as it is a much gentler river and is brimming with Grayling and Brown Trout and is fairly easy to fish. The day started off slow with only around 3 or 4 fish being caught but things picked up after lunch when we moved up the river and the fish, both the Grayling and the Trout started taking dry flies off the surface.

Upper Tepla River
7th July 2006

Today's guests were John and Meribeth Tooke from Illinois, USA. Having arrived from Prague yesterday and rested overnight it was off to the Upper Tepla for hopefully some good fishing. The weather had just finished raining after a fairly large storm pasted overhead and cleared to be a very nice day for fishing. After a little refresher on their casting techniques they ventured into the water and it wasn't too long before Meribeth landed her first Grayling. A short while later she got into a very large Chubb but it broke her 3lb line and got away; the fish measured at least 18 inches in length and would have made a very nice catch, but it was not to be... John followed his first fish of the day and landed a second a little later. The total catch of the day was around 6 fish; not bad for a couple of novices with very little experience... Let's see how they fair tomorrow on the Svatava River...

Jesenice Reservoir - Odrava River
26th June 2006

Day 2 of Bob & Dave's fishing trip and everybody blanked... The temperature was in the mid 30's and it was hot. The forecast was that the day would be overcast. It certainly started overcast but the cloud burnt off and it was a scorcher. Not even a nibble.
Day 3 was a non-starter as we planned to hit the water at 3pm and fish the cooler evening but just as we were getting ready we could see a
storm rolling in. The day had once again been very hot with temperatures in the 30's and when the storm hit it ripped across the country churning up the water, blowing down trees and in general causing lots of mayhem... So the guys decided to play it safe and stay on dry (sort of) land...

Sucha Nadrz - Strela River
25th June 2006

Today's fishermen on their first day of a 3 day fishing break were Robert and Dave from the US. As they were arriving early I had decided to take them up the Sucha Nadrz (Dry Tarn) a small pond on one of the tributaries of the Strela River. Unfortunately the weather was so hot, 35 degrees Celsius that it killed of all the fishing and the only thing that was caught was a small Perch which wasn't worth breaking out the camera for... Hopefully tomorrow will be overcast as forecast and produce better results.

Jesenice Reservoir - Odrava River
23rd June 2006

Today's trip was another customer returning for more action; Colin Shea, New Hampshire, USA, taking a well earned break from his office job. The day started slow once we got into the boat on the reservoir and we were moving every half hour or so until we started to hit the fish. Once we started it was good going all day. As usual all the fish seemed to be resting on the edge of the shelf about 15 to 20 meters of the bank. The most effective spinner being a Mepps Aglia Rainbow Trout Number 3. The catch produced 2 very nice Perch plus some smaller ones which were released and about 5 biggies that got off the hook as we were bringing them in. Also a first for the day were 2 Zander, both under the size limit of 45cm for keeping the fish so a few pictures and they too were released.

Stary Rybnik - Ohre
18th June 2006

Today's trip was a bit of personal relaxation. Up at the crack of dawn (lucky Dawn) and off to the water in search of a Pike or two; I hope. I had forgotten what it was like to tackle up in the half light of an early summer's morning. The fish were rising like crazy all over the water but not the fish I was looking for... On went my favourite spinner a Mepps Aglia Rainbow Trout and off I went. Not much really happening, just the odd small Perch. It wasn't until I moved onto the lower pond where there is more cover from fallen trees that I got my first take; unfortunately he got off the spinner as I was bringing him in. As the day warmed up more Perch started going for my spinner so I decided to change down to a smaller spinner and target the Perch. In all the catch for the day was nearly 1 Pike and about 20 Perch.

11th June 2006

The next day we were checking out a guesthouse on the Labe River just north of Vrchlabi and the river was lush. It didn't look as there would be many fish but after sitting on the bank just watching the water we could see rise after rise all over the river. After fishing the river for just 1 hour and spending 30 minutes of that untangling my rig as my nymph/parachute dry flies weren't balanced for casting I hooked 3 very nice Brown Trout. Once again an excellent river for the ardent Trout angler...

10th June 2006

This weekend was a bit of pleasure mixed with business in that we were busy checking out guesthouses and waters for our fishing packages for you keen fishermen coming to the Czech Republic.
Today's water was the Jizera River at Mala Skala and it was idyllic. The previous day I had a look at the water and fish were rising everywhere. Then next morning I was up at 4:30am and on the water for 5. I fished a nymph with a parachute dry and within a few casts had hooked a very nice Grayling which got off the hook as I was about to take some pictures of it in the water. Then a little later I saw a large rise on the other bank and got into quite a large Rainbow Trout on the Dry. The fishing was excellent and looks to be a very promising water for those wishing to fish her.

8th June 2006

Day 6 - The Return of the TWATS (Travelling Waverley Angling Team)

Day 6, the final day was an open day with no competition. Most people had a hard days fishing as the weather had got very hot and the fish were just being lazy. The catch of the day was the usual Roach, small Carp and Chub.

Stary Rybnik
7th June 2006

Day 5 - The Return of the TWATS (Travelling Waverley Angling Team)

Day 5 and today the Black Wednesday Cup was fished for on the pond at Stary Rybnik (Old Pond). The days saw massive catches of small Roach, a few carp and an unintentional Pike. The winner of the day was once again Fred with a catch of over 300 Roach weighing in at 29Lb. The total weight for the day was 100Lb.

Upper Tepla
7th June 2006

Today was a busy fishing day in West Bohemia with the TWATS on the fifth day of their fishing trip and Billy, Bill, Richard and Art enjoying a days break from their European Grand Tour. Unfortunately Art couldn't come and play due to being ill but the other 3 more than made up for his absence. The water was quite high and fast making wading very tricky; Art will be glad to hear that Billy went for a swim when he lost his footing in a deeper than expected hole. Bill was the winning fisherman of the day with 2 or 3 Chub and a slack handful of Grayling on the dry fly/nymph combination when a late rise came up. But Richard had the largest fish of the day with a nice healthy Rainbow Trout and a fair size Chub caught on the spinner.

Skalka Reservoir - Ohre River
6th June 2006

Day 4 - The Return of the TWATS (Travelling Waverley Angling Team)

Day 4 and the guys went back to Cetnov on the Skalka reservoir. The fishing was slow by comparison to the day before and the number of fish caught was a lot less. Saying that the overall size of the fish caught were larger than before with catches of Roach, Bream, Hybrids, Chub and Asp (Chrup) which is a predatory member of the Carp family. The winning weight was 41Lb and the total weight for the 6 was 156Lb.

Skalka Reservoir - Ohre River
5th June 2006

Day 3 - The Return of the TWATS (Travelling Waverley Angling Team)

Today the guys made it to the Skalka reservoir at Cetnov and what a day. The location is perfect. The weather was again idyllic for fishing, overcast but warm and the fishing proved spot on. The day saw the main catch being Roach, Bream and Hybrids of Roach/Bream. The winning weight was 37Lb, well don Fred, and the total weight for the 6 was 190Lb.

Ohre River
4th June 2006

Day 2 - The Return of the TWATS (Travelling Waverley Angling Team)

Again the plan was to fish the Skalka reservoir on the Ohre river but this time the local had filled all the swims in the area so it was off to plan B again, the Ohre under the Skalka dam. The previous night was very wet with non-stop rain and the following day was very overcast with some sunny patches and a temperature of only 14 degrees. The river produced some nice catches with Les and Mark tying with mixed bags of mainly Roach weighing in at 20Lb. The total weight for the day was 85Lb.

Ohre River
3rd June 2006

The Return of the TWATS (Travelling Waverley Angling Team).

Having experienced the true fruits of fishing in the Czech Republic the TWATS returned to savour a second year in Bohemia for their yearly fishing jaunt. Arriving yesterday and heading straight for the bar the morning was a bit slow going for some. The original plan was to fish the Skalka reservoir on the Ohre river but the water levels were still a bit high, so in swings plan B and they switch to the Ohre under the Skalka dam. The day was perfect for fishing; sunny and warm but slightly overcast. The day saw some nice Roach being caught as well as a few Bream and small Carp. But it wasn't until 10 minutes before the end of the match that Fred hit a "Biggie" which promptly headed for the bottom and the other side of the river, snapping his 1Lb rig in the process. The fish concerned was probably one of the giant Chub that are the river (see picture 5 above taken on a previous day, this fish measured 18 to 24" in length and was taken from the wooden bridge crossing the river under Cheb castle). When time was called it was Les that won with a total weight of 17Lb of mainly Roach with the odd little Chubb and Bream. The t otal weight for the day was 56Lb; not bad for a river still recovering from very a heavy rainfall over the past week.

Svatava River
26th May 2006

Day 6 of Tony's West Bohemia fishing trip was a bit of a surprise. Day 5 was cancelled due to Tony not feeling too well; bad pint or just under the weather...? We will never know...
The weather started of just right and got worse from there, ending the day with heavy rain. We started fishing the lower run of the river just north of the town of Svatava and decided to move as there was some river managemen
t taking place just up stream and tree surgeons were felling trees around the river.
The upper stretch between Olovi and Kraslice proved to be the best fishing all week. The fish were not a big as previous days; not really surprising seeing as it is a smaller water way up in the Krusny Mountains. But there were plenty of fish to be had. There was a lull possibly caused by the change in the weather by it soon recovered and the days catch ended at around 40+ fish; about 8 to 10 Grayling and the rest being Brown Trout.

Upper Tepla
24th May 2006

Day 4 of Tony's West Bohemia fishing trip was a bit of a relax day with just the afternoon spent on the water in hope of an afternoon/evening rise. The day didn't quite go as planned as the weather clouded over late in the morning and chilled the air a bit. There was a bit of a rise with some fish taking emergers from the surface of the water but not the quantity we had hoped for.

Svatava River
23rd May 2006

Day 3 of Tony's West Bohemia fishing trip was spent on the Svatava just north of the town of Svatava. The weather started a bit on the cloudy and windy side and was threatening to rain but around midday the cloud broke up and was fine; just perfect for fishing. The first section of the river Tony worked up stream with his parachute dry and nymph and was very successful in catching some very nice Grayling and one or two Brown Trout. The afternoon session was spent lower down the river in the slow wide stretch where Tony changed to pure dry fly and was hitting fish after fish. The final count for the day was around 20 fish; 5 or 6 Grayling and the rest being Brownies...
A very good days fishing...!

Upper Tepla
22nd May 2006

Day 2 of Tony's West Bohemia fishing trip was on the Upper Tepla. The weather was fine, with the temperature hitting a wapping 24 degrees. Set up with a parachute dry with a nymph tied on an 18 inch dropper Tony started working his way up the river. It wasn't long before he was into his first fish, and then another and then another. The fishing for the day was very successful with a lull around 2pm probably caused by the high sun and temperature. The days count for Tony ended with 11 fish being landed, 4 Trout (1 Rainbow & 3 Browns), 4 Grayling and 3 Chub.
Not a bad days fishing.

Krapicky Potok
21st May 2006

Starting a week long fishing trip to the Czech Republic, today's guest was Tony Wheatcroft from Carlisle in the United Kingdom. The fishing was going to be a bit challenging as the previous day there was a huge storm that ripped through the area uprooting trees and causing much havoc with the unseasonal hale. We fished the stream from Seeburg Castle down to the village of Krapice.
Tony didn't realise at the start of the day how small and challenging small streams are. The fishing was very slow going due to a combination of weather and terrain with not to many places to cast a fly so it was rather uplifting when Tony got his first bit and hooked a small Trout; but alas it go off the hook as he hadn't set the hook properly as the fish took the nymph just as it was being retrieved from the water. A while later Tony got into his second Trout, a fairly big fish by small stream standards but once again the fish got the better as it dived down into the depths of the water under an overhanging tree and left the hook embedded in one of the roots.
The days fishing ended with the score 2-0 to the fish and 2 damaged pairs of waders caused by not seeing some rather old barbed wire fences.

Upper Tepla
3rd May 2006

Today's fishing jaunt on the water was business and pleasure. The pleasure side was a bit of fishing for myself; the business side was to meet up with John and Allan from Nairn up in the Highlands of Scotland to see how their 5 day fishing trip was going. Driving along the river I could see at a glance it was no where near as full as before and that the river had dropped to a very fishable level. I arrived at the river and caught John and Allan just as they were departing for a day trip to the local spa town of Karlovy Vary so all they had time to say was that they had had a good time so far and caught some nice Grayling in the river before leaving to catch the train. The water in the river was flowing quite fast but not too fast that you couldn't wade as before. The colour was very slightly brown, like weak tea and you could see everything; even the fact that the fish were not very active at the moment. As the weather was very warm and t here were an abundant of flies emerging from the river I started working up the river with on the dry fly; but nothing. After about an hour or so I followed the same course working down the river working nymphs. The nymphs proved successful in luring a few Grayling but no Trout. As the fishing was so sluggish, it seemed that the river was still recovering after the heavy rains and melting snow had subsided, so I decided to call it a day after 3 hours and head for home. Hopefully there will be more to show on future visits.

Upper Tepla
16th April 2006

First day of the Game fishing season and first fishing customer of the year. Andy Scott, a Brit with what seems no fixed abode... From what I could make out he has lived in many and every country in Europe, but mainly France. We arrived at the Upper Tepla and the view to say the least was worrying. The water was high and flowing extremely fast. I got into the water but chickened out at knee depth as I felt the flow would sweep me off my feet. Not to loose out I started Andy off Nymphing from the river bank, not the most ideal location to be fishing from but we were fishing. Only half an hour later and he had already landed a nice Grayling on a rather large crawler nymph. The days fishing finished with a total catch of 3 rather nice Grayling.