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Tepla River
11th October 2007

Fishing Trip 2007

Steve Denny and Paul Miller, Colorado, USA
Today's guests on a break from a business trip were Steve Denny and Paul Miller from Colorado in the US. Having picked the guys up from their hotel at daft o'clock in the morning it was back over to Karlovy Vary and the River Tepla. Steve a very experienced Predator fisherman on the fly holds the record for the largest Pike caught on a fly without using a wire trace; you can find his picture on the Lawrence Bay web site holding the afore mentioned monster ( just in case you are not sure which pic is Steve, it's the one of the guy with the fly rod in his mouth holding a monster Pike). The waters were still a bit high for this time of year but certainly not the raging torrents they had been a few weeks previous. We were also joined on the trip by Chris Raser, who was on a scouting trip for 2008. Both Steve and Paul rigged up with goldhead nymphs, fishing upstream behind the large rocks and in the deeper pools looking for the fish. It wasn't long before Steve hit a fish but it got off. A short while later it was Paul who was the first to put a fish in his hand,. a nice size Grayling which put up quite a fight before being landed. Then shortly after Steve landed his first Brown Trout of many. All the fish were taken on goldhead and Czech nymphs being fished on fairly long tippets of around 5 or 6 foot in length.

Ohre River
5th October 2007

Day Off Fishing Time for a day off and relax by the river. I had seen the spot I wanted to fish a few days earlier with Paul Sharman so after dropping my eldest of at Play School I headed off for the river. I decided to float fish as I wanted to drift around the lilly pads growing 10ft off the bank... However the water turned out to be much too shallow and full of very small Bream. So after an hour of catching tiddlers I packed up and moved location to a deeper section of the river.
The section I chose was before the main weir under the castle and very deep... At first I tried to float fish the run but it was just much too deep so I changed rig to my quiver tip rod and fished a 5gram ardsley bomb. This was when the fun started. The takes were often quite light and you had to be quick on the strike but the fish were here. In 6 hours of fishing I landed a nice catch of Roach, Bream, Perch and a Carp.

Svatava and Tepla Rivers
30th September 2007

Paul Sharman, Brighton, UK
Day 2 of Paul's fishing trip on behalf of Destination Fish was a vast improvement. The sky was blue, the wind was nil and the air was warm. Unfortunately the water levels were still high although running clean.
The first river we hit was the Svatava in search of some Grayling. As usual we entered the water in the usual spot from the bank to wade up the middle and fish the far bank but the current made it rather hard work. So after 50m we got out of the river and made our way further up stream to a very deep and wide section in the river after a tight bend. It is here that the Grayling hang out in the 6 foot deep pools. The sun shining on the water was bringing the fish to the surface so we went for the dry flies and soon got into some nice Brown Trout. Eventually we caught our Grayling but just small stuff; the big boys were deep in the holes slurping up the food being washed down by the previous day's rainfall.
After a few hours we moved off to the second river of the day, the Tepla above Karlovy Vary. The river was flowing quite fast and wading was difficult but not impossible as long as you took things easy and stuck to the slower currents. Here we both caught some nice Brown Trout and I lost a big fish which spit out my hook after a short but powerful fight.
Again, with the sun setting, the dusk had caught up with us and it was time to head home thinking about the ones that got away and what difference there might have been had the weather been kinder to us... Oh well, next time...

Rolava River
29th September 2007

Paul Sharman, Brighton, UK
Today's guest for a weekend fishing the Czech Republic was Paul Sharman from Fish and Fly in the UK following up his Bohemian Rhapsody article published by the Grayling Society in their Summer 2007 news mag with a
commissioned piece for Destination Fish.
The weather for 2 days before Paul's arrival and the first days fishing was to say the least, WET... But we were not going to be put off by a little rain. The first river we visited was the Svatava, which unfortunately as I expected was running high and very fast. The water although much wilder than usual was not discoloured by the local sand quarries but just a deep tea colour caused by the peaty soil up in the Krusne Mountains.
OK, so the lower water were running hard and fast, so lets get up to the top of the watershed where, hopefully, the water levels would be lower but would also definitely drop quicker once the weather broke. We got up to the top of the mountain just five miles from the German border and the river was running very deep; the sound of the rushing water at times almost deafening. I rigged a heavy beaded nymph with a light smaller nymph trailing six inches under it and fished the deep pools at the edge of the river. A few bites and fish were seen but alas none landed.
OK, time for a lunch break and recharge ourselves and rest our legs. We found a rather nice restaurant down in the mountain village of Novy Hamry and got stuck in to a well deserved meal of Red Deer Venison washed down with a pint of rather excellent and refreshing local beer. Once fed and watered it was back to the water to complete our mission for the day.
When we returned to the water after our meal the sun broke through the clouds and the whole area came to life. The fishing also improved as over the course of the next four hour the water level dropped 6 inches which opened up more pools and made life a lot easier. The fish were also biting a lot harder with positive takes under the water. The method was simple Czech Nymphing; lobbing your nymph into the start of the pool and following it slowly down stream feeling for that tell tail tug as the fish take the bait under the water. All in all we landed around 2 dozen Brook Trout of all sizes from 3 to 10 inches in length with the most vibrant colouration.
The perfect end to a days fishing.

Skalka Reservoir - Ohre River
17th September 2007

The Baldwin's Fishing Trip
Time for a bit of "Quality Time" with my little boy. We
got down to the water at 3pm after collecting Sam from school and after rigging up my match rod with a waggler float, size 14 hook and double maggot, then in to the water and hopefully catch some fish.
The weather was glorious after the past week or so of rain and the reservoir was full which put the shelves under the water line for this time of year. It wasn't long before we were bringing in our first Bream and Roach, the first of a small bag of around 10 fish during the 4 hours we were fishing. A rather pleasant break from the usual Monday events...

Tepla & Rolava Rivers
11th September 2007

Kent Dvorak, De Soto, Kansas, USA
Finishing off a 2 week European tour with a days fishing is Kent and his Wife, Carrie. The weather during the whole of Kent's trip was to say the least "WET"...
The first river we tried was the Svatava but it was 3 times higher than usual and running like chocolate due to run-off from the sand quarries nearby. The second was the Tepla under the Brezova reservoir. The water was high and fast but clean and although we had to be careful wading it was fishable; just.
Kent hit his first fish, a Brown Trout around 10 inches long on his 3rd or 4th cast but unfortunately the fish go off the hook. Working our way very slowly up stream Kent felt he had a few more bites but alas nothing on the hook.
I decided that we should try the Rolava river up in the mountains as hopefully the river there would be less full and if not at least the big boulders would provide some dead pools where the fish would rest up until the water subsided.
Once we had eaten and finished off our beer Kent was in to the water again working way methodically up the river fishing each pool with heavy nymphs to get down into the swirling water. He saw a few fish swimming around and rising to investigate the nymph so it was only a matter of time. Finally a fish on the hook. The curse of the day had been broken. With all the cards stacked against him, Kent's patience paid off and he lands a nice 10 inch Brook Trout. Well done. A fine achievement in such difficult circumstances. Next time Kent comes over he has promised to bring better weather with him...

Rolava River
3rd September 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 12 and the last fishing day of Nick's fishing trip in West Bohemia and again we went east to Karlovy Vary and the Rolava river between Nejdek and Karlovy Vary.
The weather was very wet to say the least with rain drizzling non-stop during the days fishing. However this didn't deter the fish as they were feeding in a frenzy. It seemed that almost every cast was finding fish.
We started off on the middle section of the river and which we worked for around 2 hours and then moved up in to the mountains for the upper section.
The middle section was going crazy with Nick landing 15 Brook and Brown Trout. It was a hard decision to move up river but one that paid off as the fishing was just as rewarding with a further 15 fish, all Brook Trout to Nick's count for the day...

Rolava & Svatava Rivers
2nd September 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 11 of Nick's fishing trip in West Bohemia and again we went east to Karlovy Vary and the Rolava river between Nejdek and Karlovy Vary. This mountain river with its deep pools and crashing water turned out to be the best days fishing of the whole trip with huge 13/14 inch Brown Trout being landed. What a gem of a river. Not the easiest to wade in but well w
orth the effort.
After a few hours on the Rolava it was over the top of the mountains to loop down to the border town of Kraslice to fish the Svatava River. The river as expected was full of little Brown Trout, with a mix of Grayling in the d
eep pools. As the river was running gin clear we could even see small Perch down with the Grayling; a total surprise...

Mze River
1st September 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 10 of Nick's fishing trip in West Bohemia and we went south to the Mze River, which starts in the town of Tachov and flows to
Plzen where it joins 3 other rivers to for the Berounka River.
The weather was not the best with the odd spot of rain and wind. To make matters worse the river was down by about 2 feet and all the usual pools were gone thus the days fishing was hampered by lots of small Grayling and Chub but Nick did manage to hook a couple of nice Brown Trout and Grayling.

Krapicky Potok
31st August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 9 of Nick's fishing trip in West Bohemia and today it was time for something different. As it is the last day of the Brown Trout season we fished the Krapicky Potok, a small stream, measuring 6 feet wide at the most, which flows around Seeburg Castle and then down through the town of Frantiskovy Lazne.
The water was plentiful, the fly pattern was to be mosquitoes as they were eating Nick at every opportunity and the sport was excellent.
Nick only covered a 1.5 mile stretch of the river from the castle to the cottages halfway between Seeburg and Hazlov but he did manage to land an impressive 20 Brown Trout.
Well done Nick...

Svatava River
30th August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 8 of Nick's fishing trip in West Bohemia.
Today we were up at dawn and on to the river for 7am. However it turned out to be too early as the fish didn't come to life until 9/10am when the sun got fully up over the surrounding hills and trees to put some warmth on to the water. When it did hit the water the fishing immediately came to life and
some very nice Grayling and Brown Trout were landed.

Tepla, Rolava & Svatava Rivers
29th August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 7 of Nick's fishing trip in West Bohemia.
Today the plan was to evening/dusk fish the Upper Tepla river near Becov between Plzen and Karlovy Vary but when we arrived on the river the water level was VERY low. However not to be deterred we entered the river and gave it our all. It wasn't to be though as all we were getting were nibbles from small fry. We decided to continue down the river to see if it would improve but alas, the whole river was running around 1ft lower than it should be; even the out flow from the reservoir in to the lower section of the river was at a virtual standstill. Next we opted for the Rolava river between Nova Role and Nejdek but they must have had some heavy rain in the previous days on the mountains and the river was still running high and dirty so we decided to return to the Svatava river. The fishing on the Svatava in the evening was not as it usually is and all we caught was a few small Brown Trout and Grayling. The only thing we could put it down to was the sun shining from the west i n to the heads of the fish; earlier in the day the sun shines from downstream.

Svatava River
28th August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 6 of Nick's fishing trip and the
first day of fishing in West Bohemia.
The river for the day was the Svatava River just north of the town of Svatava near Sokolov. The day was a bit cooler than the previous days and was slightly overcasts. Nick took the upstream stretch of the river and I went down stream.
It wasn't long before I was in to my first fish a nice size Grayling and along the 300 yard run of the river I landed 6 nice size Brown Trout and 6 large Grayling.
Nick was having a much better day and had given up counting around the 20 fish mark and was landing fish with every other cast.

Upa, Velka Upa, Cista & Mala Labe Rivers
27th August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 5 of Nick's fishing trip and it was of to the Krkonos Mountains to fish the Upa, Cista and Mala Labe Rivers befor
e heading for West Bohemia.
The first river of the day was the Upa just to the north of Svobodou nad Upou, the river looked pristine with lost of water, nice deep runs and fish sitting in the pools. Fishing the river however was another matter as the fish were ultra spooky and the slightest movement on the water and every fish for 100 miles went running off up the river or down into the very deep pools along the river. We did get a couple of rises but nothing was hooked so after 2 hours we moved up river to the Velka Upa, one of the tributary rivers which runs of off Pec, one of the largest mountains in the country. It was here that Nick landed 6 good size Brown Trout on small mosquito pattern flies.
Next we moved across to the Cista river, a small river starting near Janske Lazne and flowing south to join the Labe at Hostinne. Here we both landed a few Rainbow Trout but as the river was fairly small we then decided to move over to the Mala Labe at Horni Lanov, a small river running parallel to the Labe before joining the Labe before the town of Hostinne. We parked in the middle of the town and moved down the river. All along the river we could see deeper pools with lots of fish so we worked our way along the banks to find an access point as the river is walled with 10 foot high walls for the most part. The Mala Labe turned out to be the best fishing of the day with Nick giving up counting at 16 Brown Trout of which the majority were caught in a 20 meter stretch of river above a weir in the centre of the village.

Stenava & Upper Metuje Rivers
26th August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 4 of Nick's fishing trip and as it was a Sunday had a bit of a relaxed day with just 2 rivers and a visit to Nachod Chateau.
The first river of the day was the Stenava which starts life in Poland, cuts across the corner of the country for about 10 miles before returning in to Poland and on to the Baltic Sea.
The first section of the river, the down stream section looked very promising but failed to produce any fish, but the up stream section which was narrower and slower flowing was fishing very well and produced some nice Grayling and Brown Trout.
After a few hours fishing we moved down to the Upper Metuje river where there was still some current before stepping down the country being dammed to provide power for the local industry. The river here was very fast flowing with some very narrow deep stretches of water and again produced some very nice small Brown Trout taking dry fly mosquito patterns.

Orlice Divoka, Orlice Ticha, Upper Orlice Divoka & Upper Orlice Ticha Rivers
25th August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 3 of Nick's fishing trip and we were off a marathon fish and drive over Eastern Bohemia to discover yet more virgin water.
The first river of the day was the Or
lice Divoka which was a medium flowing river with weedy stretches. As it happened the weedy areas were the better places to fish on the river as there were lots of Brown Trout and Grayling under the weeds. After a few hours fishing we moved across country to the Orlice Ticha and was greeted by a slow moving narrow river with lots of Chub so we decided to drive up to the top of the river close to the Polish border where the river was a little wider but faster flowing and producing great Rainbow Trout being caught on emerger patterns.
After a pit stop for some lunch we drove up in to the mountains and fished the Upper Orlice Divoka which forms the state border with Poland and looks an excellent Trout river. As it turned out it all the fish were small and very hard to catch.

Bela & Zdobnice Rivers
24th August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Day 2 of Nick's fishing trip and we were off to discover more virgin water.
The first was the Bela River which starts life in the Orlicke Mountains as a small spring fed stream getting bigger and bigger as
it works its way down the hillside to the lowlands. Lower down the river widens due to being fed by more small streams and gets fishable.
It was down in the town of Solnice that we decided to fish the river before it turned into a coarse river and caught some nice Brown Trout.
Around midday we moved off to find some more water and wandered on the Zdobnice River near the town of Zamberk where the river looked very promising.
Again splitting up we got in to the river and started fishing. Nick caught around 7 Rainbow Trout the biggest being around 8 inches in length, I on the other had after untangling myself from the over hanging trees landed a nice 12 inch Rainbow, lost another 2 larger Rainbow and caught a nice 9 inch Brown Trout. A very nice river indeed

Metuje River
23rd August 2007

Nick van Horn, Reno, Nevada, USA
Returning to fish the rivers of the Czech Republic for the 2nd year running is Nick from Posh Jou
After collecting Nick from Prague it was off to the border town of Nachod just 1 mile from the Polish border on the Metuje River. We checked in to our accommodation and headed off to the river to get a few hours fishing.
Seeing as this was virgin water for us both we split up with Nick heading off up stream and myself down stream.
Nick had an excellent time with a fish for virtually every cast where as I was having to work for my fish. It wasn't too long before I was into a nice Brown Trout getting a few more bites.
Nick landed a nice Grayling measuring around 11 inches but it was a little camera shy and jumped boat before having it picture taken...

Jizera River
29th June 2007

1 1

Geir Robinson, London, UK
2 trip in 1 week... Could things be looking up...???
Today's guest to fish the rivers of the Czech Republic was Geir Robinson, visiting Prague for a colleagues wedding and taking a break before the festivities began the following day.
I decided that we should fish the Jizera River in Northern Bohemia as it was fairly close to Prague and time was of the essence as Geir wasn't getting into Prague until midday and wanted to get onto the water ASAP...
Getting closer to the day I was getting a bit concerned as the week was rather wet with lots of sporadic showers and I was getting reports from a fisherman in the region that the rivers were high and dirty due to the run-off.
However when we arrived on the river the water level was actually below normal and although a little rusty in colour was rather clear.
Geir brought along a 4/5 weight fly rod and a spinning kit as he wanted to christen his new spinning rod on Czech waters with a Czech fish. Unfortunately Geir didn't get to christen his rod as I beat him to it, hooking a little Brown Trout while Geir was giving is fly rod some much needed exercise.
The fly rod was rigged with the trusty parachute dry and nymph which Geir liked and he landed a nice 8 or 9 inch Rainbow Trout which he returned to the water before I could get to him to photograph. Later in the evening we nipped off the nymph and went pure dry fly as the nymph was getting tangled around the dry and more fish were rising to the surface. It was on the dry fly that Geir landed the Chub in the picture above.
The catch for the day was 1 Rainbow Trout, 1 small Brown Trout, a few small Grayling and some Chub.

Tepla River
27th June 2007

1 1 1

Colin Shea, New Hampshire, USA

Today's host on a combined Hunting and Fishing trip of the Czech Republic with Czech Coarse and Fly Fishing / Prague Tours (UK) Ltd was Colin Shea from the USA.
Boar running around.
During the afternoon we were Fly Fishing on the Tepla River in Karlovy Vary for Trout. The weather was to say the least appalling. It didn't know whether it wanted to rain or shine and more often than not we were casting into a rather stiff wind so the only fishing method we could use was to nymph as we couldn't cast a dry or wet fly and the water was too choppy to even see a fish rise or take a fly let alone see a fly on the surface.
Once fitted up in our breathable waders and warm gear it was into the water to brave the elements and do battle with nature... It looked as if nature was going to get the better of us for the first few hours when Colin finally hooked a small but feisty Brown Trout. Then a bit further down the river we got into a larger Brown Trout in a deep pool before a weir in the river. After about 5 hours fishing it was time to head off for Colin's evening hunt to see if he could get his Roe Deer or Wild Boar.
The second hunt of the day didn't go according to plan as the weather was once again against Colin and although he took 2 shots and swore he heard the bullet hit there was no sign of a kill. But the next morning Colin was once again up at 03:45 to pit his wits against nature and finally bagged a 30 to 40Kg Yearling Wild Boar.

Berounka River
9th June 2007


David Pan, Taipei, Taiwan
public with Czech Coarse and Fly Fishing was David from Taiwan.
David's trip was different in that he wasn't fishing as such but after many years sea fishing in his native country he wanted to give fly fishing a try. So he contact us to see if we could arrange a day session to get the feel of the sport before he went ahead and invested his hard earned pennies in the equipment he would need; lets face it, why not try the sport before you spend loads of dosh...thing could work out rather expensive if you only use your gear once or twice...
David and myself got to the river and I took David through the equipment he would need for the sport together with it use and cost. Once kitted up, also showing him a few basic knots we entered the water and started fishing.
Firstly I showed David upstream dry fly casting, both with a nymph dropper and without. After a few hours we took a break and then practiced down stream nymph fishing and at the same explained how he would fish with streamer and poppers also by fishing down stream.
Over the course of 6 hours fishing David, much improved his casting technique and also managed to hook between 10 and 15 fish the most of which were small Dace with a couple of small Chub.
A worthwhile introduction to the sport...

Tepla River
3rd June 2007

1 1 1

Jim Hunt, Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK
Today's host to fish the river of the Czech Republic with Czech Coarse and Fly Fishing was Jim Hunt from Pontefract in the UK.
The weather as it happens was perfect, very over cast a
nd threatening to rain but warm. Just what we needed after a scorching hot May.
Jim was fishing a 5 weight Reddington rod with a 4 weight line and using the tried and trusted bit indicator dry and nymph on a dropper about 12 to 18 inches under the dry. The dry was a rather large, size 8 hook Royal Coachman which I thought would terrorise the fish, but was wrong.
Three to five casts after entering the water Jim was into his first Brown Trout which was a very impressive 10 inches, a very nice size for the river. The day was fishing very well with the 200 meters of river we were fishing producing 16 Brown Trout ranging from 6 to 12 inches in length and one small Chub.
An Excellent day on the river...

Svatava River
1st May 2007

1 1

Today's weather was glorious, bright blue skies and a warm sun; just what the fish needed in a mountain spring fed river. I was fishing my usual stretch of the Svatava River just north of the town of Svatava and the water was running gin clear as usual but rather lower for the time of year due to the lack of snow during the winter and rain during March and April but that didn't affect the fishing. The fishing was fast a fun with fish rising for flies all over the water.
I was fishing a 4/5 weight rod with a smallish parachute dry, dry or nymphing in the deeper water and the fish couldn't get enough. After 3 hours fishing I had lost count around the 30 mark and decided it was time to hit the road and head for home...

Strela River
20th April 2007

1 1 1

The weather today was warm, but not as hot as it had been earlier in the week. The water was running at a gentler than usual pace for the time of year due to the very dry winter and lack of rain fall for this time of year. It was late in the afternoon and there was an enormous hatch of grey fluff coming off the water and the fish were going berserk. You only witness this kind of feeding once or twice a year and today was the day.
I rigged up my 5/6 weight fly rod and also put on the smallest grey fly I could find... It worked the fish were going for it but everything had to be perfect. The casting had to be gentle, the line straight and no tow on the fly what so ever... These fish were spooky... I 2 hours fishing I caught around 10 fish, this was very difficult fishing. Definitely a river for the expert fishermen... More practice needed on this one...

Stary Rybnik
14th April 2007

1 1 1

Time to check out the fishing at Stary Rybnik again...
The weather today was HOT. Thus the fishing wasn't as responsive as I had hoped...
I was alone on the water with the exception of 1 other person who I saw fishing in a secluded corner of the pond on my way home. I was using my 4m Shimano whip with a very light float fishing around 2m deep on a size 16 hook and maggot/castor combination. The fishing started pretty good with the first 2 fish caught in the first 5 minutes but then it slowed down and got very tricky. I r
esorted to changing the location I would cast my line as well as the depth of the bait, fishing the middle depths as well as the bottom... The total catch was around 10 to 15 small Roach in about 90 minutes.

River Ohre - Skalka Reservoir
7th April 2007

1 11

Time to check out the fishing on the Skalka Reservoir...
Day break was perfect fishing weather, slightly overcast with the cloud breaking up the strong rays of the sun, no wind and a rather pleasant 10 degrees Celsius...
I got down to the waters edge and there were only 3 or 4 other fishermen to be seen, so I selected my swim and set up a heavy waggler of around 3 BB shots on my 13foot DAM Emotion Match rod fishing at a depth of around 8ft. 30 seconds after the first cast in to the water and I was bringing in a rather large hybrid Bream, the first of many. This was the way it went for my 5 hours fishing, cast, let the bait and float settle and around 3 to 5 minutes later a Bream, small Roach or Asp. Perfect fishing... Around 2 hours after I started fishing I was joined by a local Czech/German fishing club having a competition. This didn't affect the fishing as I thought and the total catch was around 30 fish. All in all a nice days fishing...
Paul and the TWATS if you are reading this; You may regret going to Holland this year... The waters look to be fishing really well this year... Watch this space for more info...

River Ohre - Nebanice
16th March 2007

1 1 1

Jim Ardese, Missouri, USA
First customer of the season saw Jim and I fishing a rather Trouty looking stretch of the Ohre River near the village of Nebanice near Cheb. Jim was a bit early for the start of the Game season but any fishing was better than no fishing at all.
The weather was a glorious bright spring day and the water was a bit warmer than we had expected. The odd fish was rising close to the banks but other than that there wasn't much sign of life. Jim was fishing a gold head nymph on a 5/6 weight rod with floating line. The river was a little bit fuller than usual but no where near the levels is should be for mid March and the flow rate was easily wadeable. The first few hours of fishing proved fruitless although Jim thought he felt a couple of knocks. After this we moved our way up stream fishing from the banks on the deeper outside bends of the river and in the water on the shallower straights and inside bends... It was whilst fishing from the bank on an outside bend that Jim finally got in to a nice 1lb (ish) Chub pictured above. The fish put up a bit of a fight before finally being landed, photographed and returned to the water.
This is one stretch of the river we will be returning to during the summer to check out for Trout and Grayling. Watch this space to see what happens...

Stary Rybnik
11th March 2007

The 2nd fishing trip of 2007 and it's off to Stary Rybnik for with my 3 year old Son to get out and see how things are shaping up...
The weather was a glorious spring day with temperatures around 14 degrees, however the water was much colder as there was a heavy frost during the night due to the clear skies.
I was fishing 2 rods; first a ledger rig with a 5g (1/
4oz) Ardsley Bomb on a quiver tip in the deeper water in the middle of the pond and a 4m pole (whip) fishing just off the bank at around 1m deep... Both rigs had size 14 hooks and a double maggot. The ledger rig got a few bites but it looks like it was only small stuff as nothing was hooked. As for the pole, in the 2 hours fishing I landed a nice catch of around 20 medium sized Roach.

River Ohre - Skalka Reservoir
4th March 2007


1st Days Fishing of 2007
Hurrah, time to break out the fishing gear, dust off the rods and get a line wet... The start of the day was glorious. Up at 5am, ish... Line in the
water by 7... Not as fast as I would have liked but I wasn't rushing things... The day break was breathtaking (see picture above) and after the morning cloud burnt off the day was a great fishing day, sunny with the odd cloud to give the fish some cover... Everything was just right...except the water temperature, still a tad cold for the fish to start feeding properly... First days fishing of the year and I caught nothing... Ohh well, can't win all the time...