Eastern Bohemia

Red Title = Salmonoid Water   Blue Title = Coarse Water  
Magenta Title = Private Salmonoid Water   Green Title = Private Coarse Water  



Chrudimka River

This river begins in the middle of the Czech Republic in Eastern Bohemia near the town of Hlinsko, where it meanders north to the town of Chrudim and Pardubice. The river can be anywhere between ankle to waist deep and has either a rocky or gravel bed. The best areas for Trout are in the shallower areas of the river. The river contains Trout and Grayling.


Cista River

The river starts in the lower foot hills of the Black Mountain where it flows south to join the Labe at Hostinne. The river has a stoney bed which contains some deep pools and dams. The river contains Trout and Grayling.
This is one of the largest river that flows through the Czech Republic. It starts in the Krkonose Mountains and winds it way through the towns of Hradec Kralova, Pardubice, Stara Boleslav, Melnik, Roudnice nad Labem, Litomerice and Usti nad Labem before crossing the border where it continues through Dresden and across Germany before flowing into the North Sea at Bremmen. This is a very popular coarse river with all sorts of coarse fish.

Small Labe

Small Labe River

The river starts in the foot hills of the Black Mountain where it flows through the village of Lanov before joining the Labe at Hostinne. The river has a stoney bed which contains some deep pools and wiers. The river contains Trout and Grayling.

Upper Labe

Upper Labe River

The river starts at Spindleruv Mlyn and snakes it way to the Southeast toward Dvur Kralove. It is a stoney river which has some deep pools and dams. The river then flows though Hradec Kralove, Melnik before heading off to Germany there it flows into the North sea at Bremmen. The river contains Trout and Grayling.

Upper Jizera

Upper Jizera River

This river starts to the North of the town of Harrachov where it flows South to Zelezny Brod. It starts off little more than a rocky mountain stream snaking it way through the hills gaining in size and depth. The river has a mixture of rocky and sandy beds and can be anywhere between ankle and chest deep. There are fast and slow flowing sections of this river. The river contains Trout and Grayling.

Upper Orlice Divoka

Upper Orlice Divoka River

This river is a classic Game river which form the Czech/Polish border along its upper reaches as it cuts it path through the Orlicke Mountains. The river is fairly wide but shallow with a very high level flood plain all the way along the river. During the early months of the fishing season this river would be very full of fast running wate from the winter ice and snow. The river although very attractive is very hard to fish.

Orlice Divoka

Orlice Divoka River

The lower reaches of the Orlice Divoka are a much different story from life on the upper section of the river. The pace and action of the river is much slower and the fishing more relaxed. The river although much the same width is deeper and has a sandy gravely bottom with long flowing weeds which the fish use for cover. Down in the lower river there are considerably more Grayling as well as other coarse species such as Chub and Barbel.

Upper Orlice Ticha

Upper Olice Ticha River

The Upper Orlice Ticha is much different from the Divoka. The Orlice Ticha is more of a small stream along its upper section only 2 to 3 meters across, ankle deep at best and lots of steps as it cuts its way along it journey down the valley. It is just above and below the steps where the fishing is at its best where the deeper water provides shelter and protection for the fish. The river although small has some very sporty Brown Trout.

Orlice Ticha

Orlice Ticha River

The main run of the Orlice Ticha is a very slow and deep flowing river, in some points so slow the water stagnates. Here the Game fish can be found in the faster flowing sections of the river. The slower sections are completely overrun with Chub and other white fish such as Bleak.


Stenava River

This short but sporty river starts starts in Poland, cuts a path of about 20miles through the Czech Republic and back in to Poland where it eventually flows into the Baltic Sea via the Oder River The river is faily sand in the most part and quite difficult to fish. The river contains Trout and Grayling.

Little Upa

Upa River

The Little Upa is a trib of the main Upa River and starts life up on the slopes of Snezka Mountain. It is a small river/stream which is fed by springs and melting snow and ice. The river is very rocky and a challenge to wade because of over hanging branches; but the fishing is well worth the effort.


Upa River

This river starts close to the Polish border in the Krokonos mountains where it flows South to the town of Trutnov. It is a rocky river which is quite deep in places and can be rather fast flowing at certain times of the year. You can catch Carp and Trout.


Zdobnice River

The Zdobnice is gem of a river; not much to look at but then looks can be deceiving. The river starts life in the Orlice Mountain on the Polish border where it has two sources and flows down to meet the Wild Orlice River near the town of Vamberk. The river has some very nice Rainbow Trout; escapies from a local fish farm located on the river. The fish here hit hard and put up a good fight. The river is fairly shallow with some deeper pools which is generally where the fish hang out.