Northern Bohemia

Red Title = Salmonoid Water Blue Title = Coarse Water
Magenta Title = Private Salmonoid Water Green Title = Private Coarse Water


This is one of the largest river that flows through the Czech Republic. It starts in the Krkonose Mountains and winds it way through the towns of Hradec Kralova, Pardubice, Stara Boleslav, Melnik, Roudnice nad Labem, Litomerice and Usti nad Labem before crossing the border where it continues through Dresden and across Germany before flowing into the North Sea at Bremmen. This is a very popular coarse river with all sorts of coarse fish.

This small river starts in the hills to the Northeast of Nova Paka, where it flows to the North to meet the Jizera at Semily. The river is mainly rocky with some sandy spots and contains Trout and Grayling.

Ohre - Nechranice

Nechranice Reservoir

This section of the river is a very popular river with trout fishermen in the Czech Republic. It starts below the Nechranice Dam and flows to the town of Zatec. It is a very fast flowing river and in the middle it is around chest deep. Here you can catch Trout, Grayling, Bream, Chub, Pike and Zander.

Upper Jizera

Upper Jizera River

This river starts to the North of the town of Harrachov where it flows South to Zelezny Brod. It starts off little more than a rocky mountain stream snaking it way through the hills gaining in size and depth. The river has a mixture of rocky and sandy beds and can be anywhere between ankle and chest deep. There are fast and slow flowing sections of this river. The river contains Trout and Grayling.

Upper Kamenice

Upper Kamenice River

This is a group of mountain rivers which converge at the towns of Tanvald and Velke Hamry. The river can be anything from a gushing mountain stream to deep sandy weirs where the trout lay in the deep water waiting for their food.