central Bohemia

Red Title = Salmonoid Water Blue Title = Coarse Water
Magenta Title = Private Salmonoid Water Green Title = Private Coarse Water


Vltava - Stechovice

Vltava River Stechovice

This stretch of the river Vltava lies roughly 25 km south of Prague. The water comes through the Stechovice dam which is fed from the Slapy reservoir. The river bed although stoney is very greasy here so caution should be observed when wading.


Litavka River

The river start in a small village just north of Pribram and meanders north where it joins the Berunka. The river has a rocky bottom so care must be taken when wading. The river contains Trout and Chub.

Vltava - Orlik Reservoir
This stretch of the river Vltava lies roughly 60 km south of Prague.

Vltava - Slapy Reservoir
This stretch of the river Vltava lies roughly 35 km south of Prague.


Berounka River

This stretch of the river Berounka lies roughly 15 km southwest of Prague.
This is one of the largest river that flows through the Czech Republic. It starts in the Krkonose Mountains and winds it way through the towns of Hradec Kralova, Pardubice, Stara Boleslav, Melnik, Roudnice nad Labem, Litomerice and Usti nad Labem before crossing the border where it continues through Dresden and across Germany before flowing into the North Sea at Bremmen. This is a very popular coarse river with all sorts of course fish.