Northern Moravia

Red Title = Salmonoid Water Blue Title = Coarse Water
Magenta Title = Private Salmonoid Water Green Title = Private Coarse Water


Policka Reservoir

This reservoir is situated southeast of Hradec Kralove. Policka is a small town near Svitavy. There are three resevoirs which are very well stocked with fish. The top reservoir is stocked with trout, some of which are very large (in excess of 60cm). The other two reservoirs are for coarse fishing, they are mainly stocked with Carp, Zander and Pike. You can fish from the bank and use a float-tube. We can recommend 10' long rod #7 with intermediate line and small streamers and lures. For bigger and older fish you have to use finer fishing line and nymphs or buzzers. Policka is a private fishery where day tickets are obtained on site.